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Hello, and welcome to 2W’s new blog!

Please come and visit our page often – we will try to keep you updated with the wonderful work we are doing!


4 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1.   lucy Says:

    Great photos 2W.


  2.   mrswakefield Says:

    Thank you, Lucy!


  3.   chloe5o Says:

    I bet year 2 are enjoying their class because they have a brilliant fantastico teacher who loves teaching French


  4.   chloe 5o Says:

    Miss wake field you have quite the spark to be a teacher you are doing great so far Tamika comes home and tells me all about her day and what she has done and how much of a brilliant inspiring and fantastic we think she wants to be a teacher because you are putting a really good influence of what she wants to be when she’s older.Your homework that you give her is really good she is getting the hang of it. Tell Miss college that Tamika knows her tens getting there with her twos and fives just a bit more practise By for now Miss Wakefield I will see you soon!


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