On The Way Home

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We have been acting out new events for our class story about a girl called Claire who hurts her knee and then makes up fantastic stories to explain it to her friends. Can you think of an exciting event that you would add?


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  1.   Miss Weszka Says:

    This is one of my favourite stories! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it too.

    Did you all know that once on my way home, I got chased by a T-Rex and had to climb to the top of Blackpool Tower to escape but I tripped up and that’s how I got my bad knee!!!

    Miss Weszka


  2.   keisha Says:


    Did you know I was walking to school and a clown hit me and I ran and then I had to jump up to the top of Big Ben and the clown pushed me and that’s how I got a bad knee!


  3.   mrswakefield Says:



  4.   Amy w 6L Says:

    awww they were probably so cute


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